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Well Dressing - Cakes to bake and share


As you know, Well Dressing Week is almost upon us!

If you are one of Stoney Middleton’s generous and creative bakers, please may I ask if you might cook and donate a cake/cakes for our tea tent.

Visitors will start arriving on Saturday, 20th July and then throughout the week until Sunday 28th July. Simply, and kindly, take your creation(s) along to the Tea Tent (St. Martin’s Church) from 20th July – 28th July, 10.35 am – 3.40 pm..

Please help us impress our guests with your tasty edibles. In the process, enable us to generate funds for our village organisations.

With warm thanks for your help,

Barry (Nottage),

Well Dressing Committee.

Alle Menschen werden Brüder..

Don’t let the dream die…!


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