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Well Dressing 2019 - Are you interested in helping?

Well Dressing is almost upon us again and it's the big push to get them finished by Friday Evening. The wells are being marked out on Monday and some items have been put in place already.

This work is continuing every day & evening up to and including Friday. Why not come along and lend a hand. If you have never done it before it does not matter, we can show you how to do this ancient craft.

There are thousands & thousands of flower petals, leaves, berries, cones and seeds etc to be put in this week.

If you feel like having a go, come on down to the marque in the churchyard between 10am and 10pm.

Plenty of able bodies are also required Friday evening/Saturday morning to erect the wells.

For more info on all these items, please contact:-

Paul Fox

Well Dressing Secretary

07709 504 772


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