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Parking in Stoney Middleton

With the start of the school holiday season we anticipate more visitors in the village. Invariably they will drive and need somewhere to park.

The Parish Council would like to remind residents and businesses including holiday rentals that the areas with blue plaques saying “NO PARKING” must be respected.

Cars parked in those locations impede access for ambulances, fire engines and in some instances residents accessing their properties.

These areas are

- The Bank

- The Fold junction

- The Nook

- A623 junction

- Outside the School

- Between the Moon Inn and Denman Crescent on the High Street, , which is also protected by traffic cones.

These areas have been designated with the full knowledge and approval of Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue.

Please remember that ** Inconsiderate parking can cost lives **.



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