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Hulleys of Baslow - Service 66/X66 - Buxton to Chesterfield

You may be aware that, from 03 November 2019, Hulleys of Baslow intend to cease to operate the above route as it is not financially viable. We understand that the route was subsidised by Derbyshire County Council up to 2017 but Hulleys of Baslow has operated it, on a purely commercial basis, since this time.

This service is vital for people living between Buxton and Stoney Middleton who rely on public transport for travelling to and from college, work, medical appointments and for shopping, social activities and access to wider transport links. Its loss will serve to increase rural deprivation and the vulnerability of particular groups of residents within our communities.

Stoney Middleton Parish Council has contacted Sir Patrick McLoughlin, MP and Derbyshire County and District Councillors to ask them to intervene on behalf of their constituents to save Service 66, particularly as we have such limited access to other public transport. We have informed Hulleys of Baslow of these actions.

Should you wish to make individual representations please contact one or more of the following representatives: Member of Parliament for Stoney Middleton Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure County Councillor for Stoney Middleton District Councillor for Stoney Middleton

Kind regards,

Stoney Middleton Parish Council


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